How CNC Works


I. Basic Premise 

The Conservative National Coalition (CNC) is formed to press the concept of Interposition and Nullification.  This concept urges Conservatives, the Tea Party, like-minded organizations and conservative politicians to form our own sanctuary cities, counties and states (entities) to advance and maintain the conservative values and principles that made America exceptional.

Like-minded conservatives and Tea Party members who support this concept should convene an inaugural CNC Convention in early 2016.  This convention will elect a national leadership team, establish a basic Charter, develop strategies for attaining its goals and establish a national headquarters facility.

People and groups who wish to help kick-start CNC should email with comments and suggestions. 

People and like-minded groups who wish to help fund the first CNC Convention should click on this DONATION page.  CNC will file as a 527 Group organized under section 527 of the Internal Revenue Code to raise money for its advocacy activities. Donations are not tax deductible under current IRS regulations. The CNC organizational expenses at present have been paid by CP-USA and are reported by it.

II. Initial Organization 

National Coalition: Organization that establishes national strategy and coordinates and supports State Coalitions.

State Coalitions: Coordinates and supports/guides local CNC entities.

Local Entities: Organizes the grass-roots movement that drive Interposition and Nullification.
* Reject Gay Marriage
* Enforce Immigration Laws
* Promote School Prayer
* Reject Abortion
Honor Second Amendment
Establish Conservative Sanctuary Entities That Support Traditional American Values

III. Operations

Website: This is the website of CNC.  The Domain name is the property of the Conservative Party USA.

National Headquarters Address: 9655 Perkins Road – Suite C130, Baton Rouge, LA 70810-1534


IV. Current Requirements 

National Leadership Team
Strategic Partners
Event Director (Manage CNC Convention)
Legal Support
Social Media Team


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