Why America Needs the CNC Movement

The three Branches of our Federal Government have become inept, corrupt and out of touch with the majority of Americans as previously outlined on this site.  In addition, the two major Parties are unable or unwilling to rectify these failures because they are interested in gaining and keeping political power rather than doing the people’s business.  Republi-Dems are now two sides of the same coin and are beholden to big-money donors and special interest groups.  This state of affairs is exacerbated by a biased media that has taken sides rather than reporting the news.

American citizens who wish to retain the essential character and values that make this country the greatest nation known to mankind have few leaders to speak on their behalf today.  The Executive Branch is actively working to change the nature of America by pushing waves of illegal aliens onto our society.  The Judicial Branch regularly violates the very Constitution it was designed to protect. And the Legislative Branch is too inept and corrupt to stop the duplicity of the other two Branches.

As a direct result, American citizens must take our cues from the Declaration of Independence by taking matters into our hands with peaceful yet bold action.  We can no longer rely on the current crop of politicians or judges to protect traditional American values.  We must NULLIFY the recent SCOTUS ruling on gay marriage, abortion and other religious and moral issues.  That means people in position to directly effect the licensing of gay marriage must object and reject such activities even if it means dismissal or fines or incarceration. It also means that like-minded CNC supporters will support and advocate on behalf of people who engage is such peaceful civil disobedience.

INTERPOSITION is needed because like-minded American citizens should have a geographical place (City, County, State, Region, etc.) that allows them to live according to the traditional American values they cherish without fear or retribution.  Since Federal/State officials and Congress have failed to curtail or defund liberal Sanctuary Cities for the past 15 years, they have no moral or legal standing to prosecute Conservative Sanctuary Cities.  CNC entities will enforce federal immigration laws, refuse to provide abortions on demand, promote school prayer, refuse to allow gay marriage, stop recreational pot smoking and create their own market-based healthcare systems, to name but a few key issues.

Because “Conservative Values Matter”©


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